September - FAWDE's 45th National Engine Quality Month

Oct. 21, 2022

In September, FAWDE celebrated the 45th National Quality Month, with the theme of "Deepening Quality Culture, Accelerating Digital Intelligence and Promoting Quality Advancement" from September 1, FAWDE carried out "Quality Month" activities to build up the quality awareness of all staff, enhance the capability of quality management system, promote overall quality improvement and build hardcore competitiveness. To enhance the capability of the quality management system, promote overall quality improvement and build hardcore competitiveness.

FAWDE strengthens publicity and deepens quality culture

FAWDE's professional and technical management staff, quality personnel and other 200 people went to the "Quality Pavilion" for quality education, to revisit the history of quality management and to deepen their understanding of the concept of "quality is life, life is only once".

A total of 4,971 people from functional departments, production workshops and university students participated in 333 discussions on the topic of "Liberating Quality, My Responsibility", which provided a deep analysis of the improvement points of product quality and enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of employees to safeguard product quality.

All FAWDE employees participated in the 2022 "Total Quality Management Knowledge" competition, with a 100% participation rate. Through the competition, FAWDE deepened its knowledge and understanding of quality and enhanced its quality awareness. At the same time, FAWDE actively participated in the FMEA competition held by PLA, in which the Heavy Machinery Department won the first place.


Breakthrough innovation Promote the upgrade of digital intelligence

FAWDE accelerated the quality digital intelligence upgrading action. Promoting the development and application of FMEA system, the development of the main functions of the system has been completed and system testing and trial run are underway. The system digitises quality risk identification and assessment tools to ensure that quality issues are avoided at the early stage of product and process design, and that the recurrence rate of problems with high-risk items identified by the system is zero.

At the same time, the FAWDE quality issue closed-loop system has completed research and system prototype design for quality issue collection, improvement, statistical analysis and intelligent pushing in all segments, and is now in the system development stage.

Comprehensive implementation to enhance monitoring capability

On 15 September, the quality monitoring team completed the feedback notification on the quality monitoring of Huaiji Dengyue and Tiannak respectively, and the suppliers are now in the process of organising rectification as required.

From 27 to 30 September, the FAWDE quality inspection team completed the quality inspection of Yangzhou Wutingqiao and Wuxi Shengbang respectively, and issued a notice to Wuxi Shengbang to deal with the problems. Through the quality inspection, the quality control capability of suppliers was further enhanced and the core deterrent effect of quality inspection was strengthened.


Optimization and improvement to help quality advancement

FAWDE's functional departments and production units carried out self-examination and self-correction of quality management around the "hard bones" of quality attack, "weak points" of quality system and loss points of quality problems to further improve quality control capability.

Focusing on the reliability improvement of the National 6 engine, FAWDE R&D Department continued to improve the quality of components and the whole machine. The product designers have been working intensively on the reliability development tests of the National VI diesel engine, analyzing the test data, digging deeper into the potential design defects of the engine, and continuously optimizing and improving it, striving to achieve zero defects.


The FAWDE Marketing and Service Department carried out a number of training to improve service quality and enhance the capability of service personnel through the online live broadcast of the Jingxin Service Lecture. At the same time, in accordance with the engine upgrade requirements, data upgrade and service parts replacement were fully implemented to realize the service capability radiation from Wuxi as the centre to many places in China.

The Heavy Machinery Department made every effort to promote the construction of the quality system of the 6DX workshop and organized a system quality audit of the 6DX workshop to improve the system's guarantee capability; to promote zero-defect activities, a total of 30 processes of PFMEA, standard work development, and optimization have been completed, and more than 40 improvement measures have been added.

The FAWDE assembly workshop has carried out a review and rectification of quality problems and rectification measures and carried out improvement and optimization for typical problems. 18 improvement measures were developed in terms of hardware improvement and process improvement, and the quality failure rate of assembly and transfer dropped by more than 18% year-on-year.

The FAWDE machining workshop carried out the intelligent transformation of automatic inspection to ensure controlled process quality of machine tool self-test and off-line automatic inspection equipment through standard definition and process input and output.

FAWDE will be determined to win the battle for quality improvement with a sense of purpose and responsibility, and will strive to achieve the strategic goal of "China's No. 1 and the world's best".