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500 hp diesel engine

500 hp diesel engine for sale

FAWDE offers a range of engines to meet the needs of a growing global market, continuing its leadership in advanced technology. the FAWDE 500 hp diesel engine features the following.


The maximum torque reaches 2600N.m, the highest torque of the same displacement in China and the highest in the industry. 1000rpm is more than 90% of the maximum torque, the power surges as you wish.

Energy saving and low consumption

External characteristics of the lowest fuel consumption rate of 183g/kW.h, the engine ordinary working condition fuel consumption is less than 190g/kWh, the whole vehicle low fuel consumption speed area wide, 100 km range than the competition 2-3L lower, fuel consumption level industry leading.

Quality assurance

The world's first laser-welded steel piston, with higher structural strength and lower friction loss. Highly reliable moving parts developed together with top international component suppliers, with industry-leading quality indicators.

Ultra-long oil change

A professional technical team spent 18 months developing a dedicated oil filter. Long service life, superb filtration system, and extremely low oil consumption. Oil change interval of 150,000 km.

Safety at the front

Independent innovation of independent rocker engine brake + asymmetric vortex boost technology, rising brake power is 23% higher than competing products, reaching the leading level in China, ensuring users' driving safety while saving brake pad wear cost, saving more money.

Find a 500 hp diesel engine for sale from China's leading manufacturer-FAWDE, you will get more service and a quality engine.