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semi trailer engine

Semi Trucks Engines Size

Semi truck engines come in various sizes but most look the same from the outside.

In general, small semi-truck engine sizes range from 6L to 8L. Medium-size engines range from 9L to 11L, and heavy-duty size engines range from 12L and larger.

Truck engine costs

Cost is, of course, important, especially for owner-operators. Sometimes the best costs are bundled: many manufacturers offer special discounts for driveline combinations, engine models with specific gearboxes and rear differentials. Or it is often possible to take advantage of cash discounts or free extended warranties. These are direct costs at the time of purchase, but you must also consider fuel economy and lifecycle costs for maintenance, depending on the manufacturer. Another cost to consider is the resale value; considering the possibility of future resale and ensuring you get the best resale depends largely on your engine choice.

Truck engine repair/maintenance availability

This is critical - when you need repairs on the road, or if you live in a more remote part of the county, you want to make sure you have access to manufacturer-approved facilities. The best place to start is to search the internet for semi-truck repair and maintenance facilities in your area and then check if they will service your engine using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts - this is key to keeping the warranty in good standing.