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Privacy Statement

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Please read all the terms of this statement carefully before you use this website. Once you use this website, it means that you unconditionally agree to this statement, and you should abide by this statement and relevant laws.


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The relevant FAW Group product information on this website is provided by the FAW Group's vehicle companies and parts companies.


The product and service information posted on this website is for your reference only, it is not an offer, and does not have any other legally binding force. If you need more accurate information, please contact the specific responsible department. The product information contained on this website is as extensive as possible. "China" reserves the right to change the model, configuration, technical parameters and availability and any other information at any time without prior notice.


You may not upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit on this website that is unlawful, infringing, threatening, abusive, harassing, infringing, abusive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory , invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise unacceptable, and other content that you do not have the right to transmit. You may not upload, post, send or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or authorized advertising, promotional material, "spam," "chain letters," or any other form of such promotion. "China" has no obligation to monitor and check the information you enter on this website, and does not assume any responsibility and obligation related to the information you enter. The right to check the information you enter and delete the information you enter without giving reasons, and fully reserve the right to trace back to you due to your actions causing losses to this website or causing this website to assume any legal responsibility.


The price of FAW Group products:


The product price information contained or provided on this website is only used as a market reference price, not the actual sales price of FAW Group products. Your purchase of any FAW Group product shall be subject to the stipulations in the sales contract signed with the FAW Group dealer.


Use of "cookies" technology


A cookie is your ID card placed on a computer or server. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies can only be read by the server on which they are set, and cannot execute any code or viruses. Cookies enable "China" to serve you better and faster, and make your experience on "China" web pages more personalized. However, you should be able to control whether and how cookies are accepted by your browser. Please consult the documentation that came with your browser for more information on this.


"Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." uses "cookies" technology so that "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." can determine your path to this website, record your activities on this website, and evaluate this website and improvement. "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." can provide you with better service by using this technology. "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." does not register your personal information, so using this technology, your personal information will not be retained or used.


Confidentiality of personal data:


Any personal data you provide through this website will only be used by "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." to improve the services provided to you by "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd.". "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." makes every effort to ensure the collection, transmission and storage of personal data in accordance with the original authenticity of the personal data you provide. Without your permission, "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." will not share information with third parties or sell information to third parties, but provide them in accordance with laws or mandatory government regulations, "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co. , Ltd.” are disclaimed.


Matters relating to copyright, industrial property and intellectual property


The introduction and all contents of this website are protected by China's laws and regulations on industrial property and intellectual property, including copyright law, and relevant international laws. The information, text, pictures or diagrams contained in this website are for your personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes, and cannot be reproduced or modified in whole or in part without the written permission of "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." , transmission, and publication, except those inspected by government departments in accordance with the law.




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This website has set up hyperlinks for your convenience, which can be linked to completely independent Internet websites. "Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd." does not represent or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of hyperlinks or other Internet website information and other reprinted website information, and does not take any responsibility for this, and you will be solely responsible for entering and All risks that may arise from Internet sites linked from this website.


This website expressly declares that it does not assume any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special losses arising from your access to or use of this website, including any damages caused by viruses affecting your computer equipment or relying on information obtained from this website, etc. losses caused.


This website makes every effort to ensure the correctness and timeliness of all information, but cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate and up-to-date, and does not make any commitment to the accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the information on this website; it is not responsible for delays, errors and omissions of information any liability. This website and all information and materials on it are provided to you as is, without any other representation or implication.


The views expressed or implied in the relevant articles and materials reproduced on this website do not necessarily represent the views of China FAW Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, when excerpting or reprinting these contents on this website, they are carried out in strict accordance with the principles established by relevant copyright laws, regulations and judicial interpretations of our country. Anyone who finds any infringing matter on the article when browsing this website, please notify the website administrator immediately. If the information is infringing, this website will immediately remove it within the scope of its responsibility.


All online materials and contents provided by other websites obtained through the links between this website and other websites are only for your browsing and reference. Please identify and judge the relevant contents by yourself. Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. does not assume any responsibility. .


Display color declaration:


Some colors and color combinations may not be available on this website. For details, please contact your local FAW Group franchised dealer. Displayed colors may differ slightly from actual colors due to monitor calibration.


Right of interpretation:


The right to interpret the contents of the above statement belongs to this website. This website reserves the right to update the content of this statement at any time according to business needs. Please visit this page every time you log in to this website to check the current statement content of this website. We encourage you to check every time you visit the pages of this website. our statement.


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