Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

2019-2021 Five Unity

Brand Building The first stage domestic well-known stage Well-known brands in the domestic power industry, Leading technology industry.

2022-2025 Three breakthroughs

Brand driven The second stage domestic leading stage Well-known brands in the domestic power industry, Technology is in line with international standards.

2026-2030 Two leading

Brand revenue The third stage internationally renowned stage Well-known brands in the international power industry, International leading technology.

2019-2021 Five Unity

  • 01 Unified brand

    Integrate all the resources of the engine division to build the "Liberation Power" brand, Establish a unified brand image and strengthen brand recognition, reputation and loyalty.

  • 02 Unified management

    Under the unified leadership of the Engine Division, the decision-making and Implement integration, improve and enhance management efficiency.

  • 03 Unified quality

    Unified quality standards, unified quality control and improve the process, unify the quality evaluation system.

  • 04 Unified service

    Integrate professional service experience and advantages, and unify service standards and service connotation to improve user satisfaction.

  • 05 Unified technology

    Unified product birth process, unified product development standards, Unified design platform and design management.

2022-2025 Three breakthroughs

  • 01 Market breakthrough

    With leading technology, permanent quality, and core service, High-end brands enter the international market and gradually strengthen the influence and voice of Chinese power brands in the global market.

  • 02 Platform breakthrough

    Integrate product series, rationalize product platform, Form the advantage of a full-line product platform in the industry.

  • 03 Technological breakthrough

    In the field of traditional internal combustion engines, creating "the most fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and most reliable" the three most engines of the company, maximize the value; in the field of new energy, strengthen research on new energy sources such as fuel cells and hybrid power, create "green, efficient and intelligent" power, provide users with a complete solution of leading power system.

2026-2030 Two leading

  • 01 Brand leader

    The brand’s international influence and market competitiveness, comparable to international famous brands, and has a cost-effective advantage.

  • 02 Leading technology

    The traditional internal combustion engine and new energy technology are internationally leading, to achieve the goal of national power products going to the world.