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350 hp diesel engine

350 hp diesel engine for sale

FAWDE offers a range of engines to meet the needs of a growing global market, continuing its leadership in advanced technology. the FAWDE 350 hp diesel engine is designed for continuous high stress, with the following features.

High power

High torque at low speed, maximum torque at 1000 rpm, power up to 350hp at your own pace. Optimized calibration of low and medium-speed external characteristics and transient response for faster and more responsive vehicle starts.

Energy efficient

New generation Bosch electric control system, high squeeze flow equivalent combustion technology, high mixing uniform ventilation technology, high efficiency electric control boost air intake technology, fuel consumption of 100km save 2-3kg compared with competitive products, and saves 14,000RMB per year for 100,000km.

Super long oil change

60,000 km oil change is fully upgraded to reduce the frequency of maintenance and improve the attendance rate.

Reliable and durable

High-strength steel pistons, super wear-resistant steel crankshaft and special gas piston rings ensure longer engine life and more money