Fighting for ninety days, FAWDE makes all-out efforts to sprint for the annual target!

Oct. 08, 2022

In order to further unify thoughts and cohesion, FAW Engine Division - FAWDE held the third-tier cadre meeting in the third quarter of 2022 on September 30.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, FAWDE meeting had 1 main venue and 11 sub-courts, and the sub-courts participated in the meeting by video.

FAWDE Division senior managers, chief engineers, senior directors and directors authorized to perform their duties, senior directors, directors and supervisors authorized to manage (sub-administer) the business of the section, some senior director representatives, secondary managers, room directors, secretary and members of the league committee, and chairman of the sub-union attended the meeting.

Qian Hengrong, Assistant General Manager of FAW Liberation and Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Engine Division, summarized the three quarters of the year with the theme of "fighting for 90 days, revolutionary and desperate, sprinting for the annual target and welcoming the victory of the 20th Party Congress with practical actions". Key work.

Qian Henrong combined with the current situation, around the four-quarter goals and tasks, the deployment of eight key areas of work.


Key work of FAWDE in the fourth quarter

- Adhere to the goal-oriented, professional and concentrated, face up to the challenges, and win the market battle with all efforts in the spirit of trying too hard.

- Adhere to market orientation, anchor key tasks, promote quality systems and quality control capabilities to a new level, and make every effort to win the battle of market quality

- To build up a sense of leadership, with the spirit of innovation to the point of no further innovation, to tackle the cardinal areas, to accelerate major technological innovation, and to continuously enhance core competitiveness

- Keeping close to the market demand, make a good combination of FAWDE products, enhance the competitiveness of FAWDE products, and build the leading edge of FAWDE products

- Adhere to lean production, strengthen system synergy, strictly control resource risks, accelerate role transformation, and strive for excellence to meet the market

- Adhere to lean management, dig deeper into cost reduction potential, stimulate team vitality, enhance system capabilities, and make every effort to improve management efficiency

- Keeping the original intention in mind, remembering the mission and making every effort to build a benchmark for party building

- Plan ahead for the key work of FAWDE in 2023


Qian Hengrong put forward three requirements to all leading cadres.

1 FAWDE based on the overall development, firmly "four consciousness", carefully planning the long-term development of independent business

2FAWDE accelerate the change of style, overcome the "four dangers", and effectively serve as the mainstay to overcome difficulties and advance

3FAWDE refine personal qualities, enhance the "four major abilities", and support the development of the enterprise with excellent leadership


FAWDE at the meeting, Qian Henrong to all the leading cadres to carry out a clean talk before the holiday, put forward three requirements: 1 to maintain political determination, play a good role in the development of the enterprise.

1 Maintain political determination, play a good role as an example

2 strengthen the political role, the implementation of a good "double responsibility"

3 play a supervisory role, to create a good strict atmosphere

Qian Hengrong also conveyed the spirit of the special meeting of the Party Committee of SASAC and the relevant requirements of the recent work arrangement meeting of Liberation Company.

The meeting was chaired by Xu Haigen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of FAWDE Division. Around how to implement the spirit of the meeting, he put forward three requirements.

1 Strictly stand by and correctly understand the current situation

2 Anchor the focus, and make every effort to consolidate the foundation of development

3 Gathering of strength, stimulating the majestic endogenous power


All cadres and workers should closely focus on the decision and deployment of the FAWDE Division's Party Committee, carry forward the spirit of "revolution plus desperation", maintain the fighting spirit of "the more difficult and dangerous the more forward", rise to the challenge and strive for the sustainable, healthy and stable development of FAWDE Division. We will make new and greater contributions to the strategic goal of "China's No. 1 and the world's best" for the liberation of FAWDE.