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marine diesel engines

It’s difficult to even quantify the importance of a reliable marine diesel engine. Sport-fishing boats around the world simply wouldn’t have the legs to do what they do without these expertly and carefully crafted diesel machines. Evolving technologies continue to produce highly efficient and advanced engines for marine applications, whether starting new or repowering. 

Marine diesel engines from FAWDE are designed to perform in the harshest conditions. Today and tomorrow our engines are at the heart of a wide range of marine equipment, from leisure pleasure craft and patrol vessels to huge oil tankers and passenger ferries.Our marine diesel engines are ideal for use on inland watercraft, commercial powerboats, fishing boats and workboats.They are used as main propulsion engines or as generators to supply electricity and light to the vessel.

Fawde marine diesel engines are designed and built for reliability in harsh under-water conditions. Each engine undergoes a comprehensive range of tests at the factory before it leaves our door. 

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