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6 cylinder diesel engine for sale

6 cylinder diesel engine for sale

6 cylinder diesel engine type

L-type inline 6 cylinders, can be seen as an ordinary inline 4 cylinder L4 plus 2 more cylinders, so he will have a very big advantage, that is, the balance is very strong, the piston operation, the vibration can be offset, and the engine structure is also relatively simple, reliable, low failure rate, but also has a big flaw, that is, the L-type inline six cylinder volume is larger and longer, so the car layout engine This piece, which takes up a lot of space, is naturally not as good as the ride space, and is generally used in longitudinal rear-wheel drive models.

The advantage is that it takes up less space, the engine compartment has a higher space utilization rate, so the internal space will be larger, but there is also a disadvantage, that is, the general smoothness, so it is generally used in front-wheel drive cars, of course, can also be used in rear-wheel drive luxury cars.

The H-6 engine is a horizontally opposed engine, which you will find relatively rare, and is now only used by Subaru and Porsche, the pistons are horizontal, also left 3 right 3, can also be simply seen as the V6 flattened, the left and right pistons do 180 degrees of opposing the motion, the advantage is that the whole car's center of gravity will be relatively low, stability will be stronger, power, both sides of the piston operation can also be offset, However, the disadvantage is that the structure is complex and the displacement is limited, and the stability mentioned before is also under ideal conditions.

FAWDE 6-cylinder engine

FAWDE sells quality used heavy truck parts, diesel engines, gas engines and more. We provide quality used heavy truck engines at a reasonable price. Every part we sell comes with a standard warranty and is tested prior to sale. If you do not see the engine you are in need of, give us a call as our inventory changes daily and we can locate any engines you need.

Pioneering power

Highly efficient supercharging technology, high torque at low speeds.

Unique driving calibration technology, fast vehicle speed up.

Low-speed torque is 15%-20% higher than similar products in China. Maximum torque covers a wide range of revs, making starting easier and eliminating the need to shift gears when going uphill.

Stable and reliable

High strength alloy cast iron cylinder block and cylinder head, high strength and good rigidity.

Double water jacket cylinder head, good cooling effect, integrated gas drive SCR, extremely streamlined, no urea pump, no separate control unit, low failure rate, high attendance and more money saving.

Economical and fuel-efficient

2000 bar high-pressure common rail system, good atomization, full combustion, better economy, save fuel and money.

Comfortable and worry-free

Optimized design of cylinder block and cylinder head, good rigidity and low vibration.

Optimized combustion boost speed, soft combustion and low noise. The plastic oil sump provides good vibration and noise insulation, making the driving experience more comfortable.

Worry-free use

36 months unlimited mileage warranty.