The last hundred days! FAWDE marketing efforts in all fields!

Sep. 19, 2022

On September 17, FAWDE held a mobilization meeting for marketing action with the theme of "Fight for 100 days and win the whole year" to further unify thoughts, understanding and goals, and to act quickly around the key and difficult tasks in the market to win the fourth quarter and win the whole year.

FAWDE Deputy General Manager Huang Nanxiang, General Manager Assistant Peng Yuquan, as well as all leading cadres of the Marketing Service Department and overseas marketing service personnel, attended the meeting through on-site attendance or video link.


Focusing on the business objectives of the FAWDE Division, combined with the current situation, Huang Nanxiang put forward work requirements to all FAWDE marketing staff.

1. Revitalize the spirit of "revolution plus desperation" and make every effort to seize the market

Each segment should strengthen the top-level design and overall planning, strengthen system thinking; further invigorate the spirit and strengthen the sense of initiative; further, understand the connotation of the "three-three system" to ensure that the action is implemented

2. Focus on the target, grasp the focus, and strive for the best results

Focus on the set targets and strive for the best results for the whole year with the tenacity of "not resting until the targets are met", while laying a good foundation for 2023

3. Party-building leads, leadership takes the lead and takes charge

Play the role of the party organization to set the direction, manage the overall situation and promote implementation, and create an atmosphere of "party members striving to be the first, all the staff struggling and working together" to provide a strong impetus for the decisive victory for the whole year.


At the meeting, the FAWDE 100-day marketing campaign objectives and programs were released. Action objectives.

FAW medium and heavy truck market

The share of M machine in the fourth quarter reached 65% 

FAW light truck market

Market share of 51% in the second half of the year 

We will meet this challenge with high emotion and confidence in victory. All JIEFANG employees will work with one mind, one heart and one soul to sprint for the fourth quarter target.

Social truck market

Sales reached 0.6 million units in the fourth quarter 

FAW Social Truck Department will resolutely implement the decision and deployment of the Business Division, based on the current situation, focusing on the next year, focusing on the following tasks: the most detailed, do a good job in developing the social light truck market; make every effort to promote the export sales of ALLWIN engine products; continue to do a good job in tracking the progress of sales in the end market, promote the conversion of AAK, and make every effort to sprint for the annual sales target.

Off-road market

Sales reached 25,000 units in the fourth quarter 

Sprinted hard for the fourth quarter sales target. Do a good job in preserving the supply of three-stage products and controlling non-stage inventory; do a good job in smoothly switching to four-stage and strengthening market verification; do a good job in guaranteeing the service of mining cards and supporting the high-end transformation of non-road products.

Overseas markets 

Sales reached 0.7 million units in the fourth quarter 

In 2022, FAWDE aimed at the export sales target and continued to enhance the construction and development of the FAWDE brand in overseas markets. In terms of ALLWIN market development, FAWDE strengthened the linkage with the overseas marketing department of Jiefang to further improve the service and parts supply capacity in overseas markets to support the continuous growth of FAWDE's exports.

FAWDE has been actively developing the non-road market, so that FAWDE has won a good reputation in overseas construction machinery and overseas generator sets, etc. FAWDE overseas staff overcame the difficulties of epidemic and visited customers, agents and partners in South Africa, Vietnam and Chile to solve market problems in time and strengthen the confidence of local partners in choosing Jiefang Power. In response to the requirements of border trade customers to ensure vehicle attendance and convenience of maintenance, FAWDE recommended suitable products according to customer usage scenarios, advanced service spare parts, and organized user training and technical support, once again reflecting the strong power of FAWDE's Jingxin service brand.

Under the guidance of "521" marketing strategy, all FAWDE overseas staff will do their best to support the "three support" according to the "3-3 system" and around the increase of engine export. FAWDE segment to ensure efficiency, social market to find a breakthrough, non-road segment to stabilize sales, and fight for 100 days to achieve the increase of overseas engine marketing.

All divisions of FAWDE will work together to achieve the marketing target in the last 100 days, 

and act quickly around the key and difficult tasks in the market to win the fourth quarter and win the whole year!