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Apr. 22, 2022

On April 18, FAWDE held the regular FAWDE brand work meeting for the second quarter of 2022, systematically summarizing the brand work and effectiveness of FAWDE in the first quarter and comprehensively deploying FAWDE brand work in the second quarter.


The general manager gave full affirmation to the brand work of FAWDE Division in the first quarter, and put forward four opinions on the brand work of FAWDE in the second quarter.

FAWDE build a "five degrees" index system for customer operation

To follow up on the construction of "five degrees" indicators in line with FAW Group and Liberation, and to build a "five degrees" indicator system for FAWDE's customer operations, so as to standardize the process and make the indicators measurable.

Develop a special plan for FAWDE brand awareness promotion

To focus on FAWDE end-user groups and develop a special plan for FAWDE brand awareness.

To sort out the content of FAWDE's new brand identity transformation

To comprehensively sort out the content of FAWDE logo transformation and clarify the scope and timing of the switch in accordance with the unified requirements of Jiefang.

Do a good job in planning the FAWDE brand of the PLA Intelligent Power Domain

To focus on the planning of the PLA Intelligent Power Domain products, and provide support for the later activities and FAWDE brand communication.


Li Hong comprehensively reviewed the main work of brand building in the first quarter, reflected on the gaps and shortcomings in the process of FAWDE brand building, and deployed the key work of FAWDE in the second quarter. 

In the second quarter, FAWDE brand work was mainly focused on 14 key tasks, including FAWDE brand day activities, FAWDE 520 explosive product promotion activities and FAWDE National 6 Pioneer China campaign.

The regular meeting of FAWDE brand work in the second quarter of 2022 pointed out the direction for the FAWDE brand work in the second quarter, and the participants said that they would be aware of the danger and take responsibility to promote FAWDE brand work with high quality.

FAWDE brands

FAWDE implements the product brand and element brand structure model driven by the corporate brand. The brand structure is concise, has a certain degree of extensibility, is easy to manage and spread, and matches the overall strategy and brand goals of the business unit.

The core value system of the FAWDE brand includes five parts: brand positioning, brand mission, brand vision, brand value, and brand declaration.

FAWDE Brand positioning: China Power Expert, Empowers You to Move Forward

FAWDE Brand mission: To Be "China's No.1, World Class", a Green, Efielerrs and Intelligent Engine Provider

FAWDE Brand vision: National Brand, High-end Power

FAWDE Brand value: Quality, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Symbiosis

FAWDE Brand declaration: We cherish quality like life, lay the foundation of our national brand, persist in innovation and low-carbon, and create the soul of high end power. With the concept of responsibility and lean, we can achieve harmony and symbiosis with society.

FAWDE responds to customers' concerns, meets their needs and enhances their value, making every drop of fuel in the engine the most effective it can be

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