FAWDE| Best Diesel Engine In Pakistan

Apr. 27, 2022

In Pakistan, trucking costs are high, uphill is too much work and maintenance is frequent? This is the time you need to change a good diesel engine

If you have these problems, choose fawde, our products can solve these worries!

As a complementary product to the popular faw trucks in Pakistan, you can find any matching engine model with us.

Faw engine in pakistan features - CA6DM3-520hp engine as an example

Fuel saving

Adopt the classic 13L fuel-saving platform model

25% increase in common rail injection pressure to 2000 bar

Better atomization of fuel injection and more efficient combustion

Effective thermal efficiency exceeds 48%

2.5% higher than other brands' engines

Fuel saving effect is improved by 5.5% 

Save 35% more than competing engines in 100km

Annual savings of more than 20,000



520hp, maximum torque 2520N.m 

The industry's highest torque with the same horsepower

Maximum output of 2050N 'm at 800rpm

Easy acceleration, no effort, all kinds of road conditions all power


Long service interval

100,000km long oil change

Long maintenance cycle, less station visits, more attendance

Save more than 1200 RMB



Unique exhaust temperature management technology

Precise control of discharge temperature under various working conditions

Ensure smooth regeneration

Reliable and user-friendly

Maximum braking power of 350kW

Significantly reduces brake pad heat and wear

Extends the service life of brake pads and tires


FAWDE helps truckers make a fortune without fuel consumption worries and profits!