Aowei's 13L model year engine won the "2024 Fuel-Efficient Heavy-Duty Engine Worthy of Users' Trust" award.

Feb. 21, 2024

China Trucking Network's 9th Discover Trust Award Ceremony Officially Kicks Off.

FAWDE Power Aowei CA6DM3 13L Engine

Awarded "2024 Fuel-saving Heavy-duty Engine Worthy of Users' Trust".

Aowei's 13L model year engine won the "2024 Fuel-Efficient Heavy-Duty Engine Worthy of Users' Trust" award.

Strong Strength Demonstrates Superb Quality

The Aowei 13L annual engine is inherited from the Aowei family of FAWDE Power; it is the advanced engine of Aowei 2023; it has the same stable performance in fuel saving; it is the product tailor-made for relieving the pressure of high fuel price and low freight rate of user's freight logistics, it not only has the superior performance in fuel consumption but also has the superior performance in power and other aspects.

The Aowei 13L model adopts the classic 13L platform model, with the power covering 480 hp-560 hp, of which the highly sought-after 520 hp engine can burst out the maximum torque output of 2520N-m at the economic speed range of 1100-1400 rpm and combined with its integrated R&D and production of the transmission system, it has become a hot explosive powertrain in the heavy-duty truck market. Fuel consumption is also further upgraded; the lowest fuel consumption rate of 178g/kW-hr can be realized, compared with the previous 185g/kW-hr fuel consumption reduced by more than 4%; such outstanding fuel consumption performance inherited from the liberation of the power of the Aowei product has always been the characteristics of fuel-saving.

Strong product power can not be separated from the liberation of power technology support, as China's independent research and development of power leader, Aowei 13L annual machine, is the liberation of the power of the collection of fuel-saving technology. Through the new combustion chamber, high compression ratio, high flow injector, steel piston, and other efficient combustion technology, the Aowei 13L annual model of the combustion chamber oil and gas mixing more uniformly, combustion is more fully combustion, combustion efficiency is higher, the compression ratio to enhance synchronization drive thermal efficiency, these fuel-saving "black science and technology" can make the whole vehicle fuel consumption is reduced once again.