FAWDE Dynamics' 12-speed aluminum housing transmission assembly won the honor of "World's Top Ten Transmissions"

Jan. 29, 2024

"Longben Cup" 7th World's Top 10 Transmission Evaluation Results

Officially announced

FAWDE Power 12-speed Aluminum Housing Transmission Assembly

Won the "World's Top Ten Transmissions" award

The "Longpan Cup" World Top 10 Transmission Evaluation is the only professional evaluation activity focusing on automotive transmissions in the world. Since it was held for the first time in June 2017, it has not only caused a stir in the transmission industry and even the entire automotive industry, but also received extensive attention from the whole society, and the world's top ten transmissions have also been widely recognized by the industry and enterprises.


The ten best transmission evaluation activities increased the evaluation of commercial vehicle transmissions, in which the award-winning FAWDE Power 12-speed aluminum housing transmission assembly is FAWDE Power for the lightweight demand of the heavy truck market, to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and the market in-depth research and development, with strong power, good maneuverability, lightweight, long service life, high efficiency, long mileage of oil change and other technical highlights.


FAWDE Power 12-speed aluminum housing transmission assembly, equipped with an Aowei CA6DM2-46E6 model engine, a maximum output power of 341Kw, a maximum torque of up to 2300N-m, to meet the National VI emission standards, the oil change mileage of up to 500,000 kilometers, saving maintenance costs, and greatly increase the timeliness of the vehicle. The weight is 290Kg, which realizes lightweight and ensures efficient transmission of power, the comprehensive mechanical transmission efficiency of each gear reaches 98.5%, and the comprehensive performance and economy are in the leading position in the industry, and it has been applied in the top of PLA J6P/J6V/JH6/Hummer V traction and cargo-carrying high-end models.


Focusing on the development trend of China's automobile industry

Helping the national powertrain to take off and develop

The award of "World Top Ten Transmission" is not only an honor but also a responsibility.

is not only an honor but also a responsibility

FAWDE Power will continue to work hard

Embark on a new journey and build a new era of success