New Aowei CA6DL diesel engine unveiled

Dec. 28, 2023

Twenty years ago, as China FAW's "Tenth Five-Year Plan" strategy, the successful launch of the product development project of the Aowei CA6DL diesel engine not only pushed China's internal combustion engine industry to realize the "leapfrog" development, but also let China FAW commercial vehicle brand with a home-grown The "heart" of China FAW Commercial Vehicle Brand.

Since the first Aowei was put into production in 2003, Aowei has always adhered to the high-end positioning, and built up the core advantages of fuel efficiency and reliability, and continues to lead the market.


Adhering to 20 years of heart, casting 2 million high-quality products, now FAW Power once again presses the accelerator button of leaping development, and the brand-new Aowei 16L natural gas engine CA6SX grandly comes off the production line.

As another masterpiece of Jiefang Power under the support of advanced technologies such as multi-fuel and intelligent control - Aowei CA6SX, it fully demonstrates FAW Power's responsibility of practicing the new development concept, and its persistent pursuit of creating a "national brand and high-end power".


Profound interpretation of the core results, to preempt the opening of the full-core layout

As a 16L super-large displacement natural gas engine, the new Aowei CA6SX has six core advantages of "more powerful, more reliable, more intelligent", with a maximum power of 660 hp and a torque of 3,000m-n, and with "six benchmark" products, it creates greater value for the majority of users. With the "six benchmark" products, the company creates greater value for the majority of users and brings a more extreme driving experience.

New Aowei CA6DL diesel engine unveiled

The first in the industry in terms of thermal efficiency in mass production


CA6SX adopts high compression ratio fast combustion technology

and Miller cycle, intelligent control of air exchange technology

Low friction and intelligent thermal management technology

With the vehicle low-speed high torque, transient power improvement control technology

Realize efficient logistics scenarios 100km gas consumption is more than 1kg lower than competitors.

Saving users more than 2000kg of gas per year


The most powerful gas engine in the industry


CA6SX engine displacement 16L

Maximum torque of 3000N-m, more than 300N-m ahead of competitors.

Low-speed 800 rpm torque reaches 2600N-m

Even exceeding the maximum torque of competitors

Maximum power 660Ps.

More than 70Ps ahead of the competition

At the same time, the engine transient response is more than 15% ahead of competitors.

Ensure no power loss at altitude of 3,000 meters to easily cope with complex working conditions such as plateau and mountainous areas.


The most reliable gas engine in the industry


All core components are designed specifically for gas engines.

The first 5-section corrugated connection high-temperature resistant exhaust pipe.

TOP-DOWN water flow double-layer water jacket cylinder head and other technologies.

B10 life span of over 2 million kilometers

More than 30% ahead of the industry, realizing non-decaying performance in the whole life cycle.


Experienced 5 years of development, verification and optimization

Passed more than 60 bench tests and overload strengthening verification.

Accumulated more than 15,000 hours of bench testing

The whole vehicle road verification lasted 2 years

Passed the complex scene verification of all scenarios and multiple working conditions.

In high temperature, high humidity, high cold, plateau and mountainous areas

Conducted complex calibration verification and long time reliability verification

Ensure the excellent reliability of the product


 New Aowei CA6DL diesel engine unveiled

Safer and more comfortable

Adoption of intelligent safety and intelligent brake control technology

Braking performance reaches 460Ps, 20% higher than the industry level.

At the same time, the driving brake and engine brake and AMT work together intelligently.

Realize more accurate cruise control speed and safer long-hill driving.

The safe downhill speed of the whole vehicle is increased to 70km/h, and the average operating efficiency of the whole vehicle in mountainous areas is increased by 30%.

Significantly increase the service life of brake shoes in mountainous areas.

Reduces brake shoe replacement by 2 times per year.

Save more than 10,000 RMB for users


Industry-leading long maintenance cycle


The industry's first natural gas engine 100,000 kilometers long oil change cycle

Reaching the international leading level

The first time in China to realize 500,000 kilometers of natural gas engine

Coolant replacement cycle index

Achieved the industry's leading level

Saving users 5,000 yuan in maintenance costs every year


Saving gas and improving driving experience


Integration of a number of natural gas engine-specific intelligent control systems

Full closed-loop control parameters, realizing optimal performance and emission Intelligent gas self-adaptation, ignoring gas changes, more reliable

Intelligent transient pre-control significantly reduces torque response time.

Enhance acceleration, effectively improve engine reliability and maintain high performance.


The strongest gas engine model of PLA Power 16L

Aowei CA6SX


Six benchmark product strengths, gas engine industry core benchmarks

Individualized needs of major segmentation scenarios

Match with J7, J6V, Yingtou, JH6 and other series of heavy-duty models.

Comprehensively meet the power demand of heavy trucks

Faster, better and more economical

Lead the new era of intelligent power domain

Helping enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, and helping truckers to create wealth and win together