6 Common Diesel Engine Problems and Solutions

Nov. 12, 2022

The diesel engine is always in a high load and a strong vibration operating environment often breaks down. When the diesel engine fails, the cause should be analyzed carefully through the fault phenomenon, and effective measures should be taken to restore the good running state of the diesel engine. This news is mainly aimed at several common problems of diesel engines, starting from the intuitive phenomenon, to determine the fault type. On this basis, further analysis of the possible causes of the fault, and put forward the specific solutions of troubleshooting.

diesel engine

diesel engine

Difficulty in starting the engine reduces its efficiency

1. Car battery damage: In view of this situation, it is necessary to go to a professional repair shop in time to deal with it and replace the new battery.

2. Failure of the oil transmission system: There is a blockage in the oil supply pipeline, which leads to the diesel not coming.

3. The oil used is very viscous: The higher the oil viscosity, the more power will be burned. So you need to choose an oil that matches your car.

4. The car piston is worn out: As the piston wears out, the car becomes less sealed. Oil will not catch fire at low temperatures, which ultimately makes it difficult to start the vehicle.

Black smoke rose from the exhaust pipe

1. The exhaust pipe is blocked: The exhaust pipe is blocked by excessive soot and should be cleared.

2. Diesel fuel does not burn sufficiently: The insufficiently burned carbon elements in diesel fuel form free carbon suspended in gas at high temperatures and oxygen deficiency, forming carbon smoke.

3. The oil supply of the injection pump is too large: The oil supply is too large, and the black smoke is continuous. The oil supply of the cylinder should be properly reduced, if necessary, remove the injection pump to the test bench for debugging.

4. Excessive load of diesel engine: When the vehicle accelerates, climbs or the diesel engine is overloaded, the diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber increases, and black smoke is discharged with the exhaust gas. Overload in vehicle operation should be avoided as much as possible.

5. Poor diesel quality: Diesel engines use inferior diesel, or diesel contains other impurities in the fuel so that the combustion is insufficient and black smoke.

Unstable idle speed

1. A gas leak in a fuel pipeline: Check whether the connector is loose, whether the pipeline is cracked, and whether the filter is not tightened, and correct them one by one.

2. Water or wax in the fuel: Replace the fuel, replace all filters and install the fuel heater.

3. Improper adjustment or wear of throttle drive rod: Check the wear condition, and replace and adjust the drive rod for generator rental.

4. Engine electronic control system is not normal: This leads to poor combustion of mixture, resulting in the power of each cylinder being difficult to balance so that the engine appears idle instability.

5. Fault of the sensor line: The fault may be caused by a short circuit, open circuit, or ungrounded sensor.

Diesel engine "burning tile" phenomenon

1. Use your lube on time: In addition to changing your oil regularly every season, it's important to use your lube on time. Not changing lubricating oil can easily lead to “burning tile”.

2. Non-standard refueling: Refueling must be based on the specific capacity of the tank. If you add too much oil, you will accumulate carbon and “burn the tile”. If the oil is too little, it will cause the pressure of the spindle tile to increase, and there will be a “burning tile” phenomenon.

3. The oil passage is blocked by unclean impurities: It causes the oil to the crankshaft to be blocked, forming dry friction of the bearing bush.

Diesel engine abnormal noise

1. If the injection pressure rises due to the problem of the oil supply advance Angle, it should be adjusted according to the specific situation.

2. If the engine is severely overloaded during maintenance, reduce the load and adjust the injector and valve.

3. In case of failure due to fuel quality, the qualified fuel should be replaced the first time; The second is the abnormal sound of knocking machinery. If the clearance between the intake valve and the exhaust valve is large, it needs to be adjusted.

4. If the gap between the cylinder liner and piston is large, the fittings must be replaced in the first instance.

5. Finally, gears are noisy. If there is a large gap between the gears during maintenance, the position of the gears should be adjusted reasonably. If the gear is broken, it must be replaced in time.

Excessive fuel consumption of diesel engine

1. Injector atomization is not good, individual injector does not work or work badly.

2. The piston pair of the oil pump is aging, and the sealing of the oil outlet valve is not tight, resulting in oil leakage.

3. The valve seal is not tight, resulting in insufficient intake of the valve system, or the compression ratio is reduced.

4. The clearance of the cylinder piston exceeds the standard, which also causes the compression ratio to decrease, and the downdraft exhaust is serious.

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