Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

Feb. 05, 2021

2021, the first year of National 6 emission standard. Just when many companies feel pressured to meet the National VI B standard, the liberation power has ushered in a bright moment in the international market. On January 25th, as Jiefang Power's ALL-WIN CA6DM3 (13L) engine successfully passed the approval of the Cyprus Ministry of Transport and became the first domestic engine to obtain Euro Ⅵ-e emission certification, Jiefang Power was able to enter the European market on behalf of China Power. Entry card".

Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

The Jiefang power to advance into the "no man's land"

Obtaining certificates and reports simultaneously with European OEMs means that Jiefang Power will join international competitors in the "no man's land" of emission control. The reason why Euro VI-e is called "no man's land" is that it has stricter requirements than the "hardest in history" National VI B.

Euro Ⅵ-e is currently the latest emission regulations to be fully implemented in Europe. It has a world-leading environmental protection concept. It has more stringent requirements for the PEMS (vehicle exhaust gas detection) test of the entire vehicle, and not only increases the THC (hydrocarbon) emissions. It exceeds the requirement of 240mg/kW•h, and the PN emission limit (mass of solid suspended particulates in exhaust emissions/number of particles) is 18.5% lower than the requirements of National VI B regulations, and cold emissions with water temperature of 30℃~70℃ are included In the PEMS emission assessment, it accounts for 14% of the total emission results, and this requirement is not yet made in the National VI B regulations.

In addition, Euro Ⅵ-e adds CO2 and fuel consumption test tests, more detailed requirements for tamper-proof measures for ECUs and vehicle controllers, and at least one pure city window NOx emission requirements that must be 90% before all effective window emissions .

The test results show that the pollutant emission value of Jiefang Power ALL-WIN CA6DM3 is far lower than the limit required by the European VI-e regulations and regulations, and it has passed the European VI-e regulations at one time. At the same time, CA6DM3 has a lower fuel consumption level and is in compliance with regulations. In terms of economy, they have the ability to compete with global competitors.

Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

Engine test

First-class Chinese power to resist pressure

Winning the recognition of laws and regulations and the respect of the market, after all, depends on strength. In the Chinese market, the power of liberation has been at a high level of technology and scale; and to accelerate the process of globalization, it is necessary to use Chinese wisdom in the target market to create value for the local. In 2019, Jiefang Power put forward the goal of meeting European standards in the entire life cycle of products such as technology, quality, marketing, service, and supply chain; at the end of December of the same year, Jiefang Power and Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development Institute launched ALL-WIN CA6DM3 engine Euro VI-e declare.

Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

Engine test

At the start of the project, since the European VI-e regulations have not yet been officially issued and the certification rules have not been issued, the project team needs to fully consider the risk of sudden changes in the terms and repeatedly deliberate the necessity and completeness of the content of the application materials. At the same time, the project has only 12 months from the start to the planned completion. In early 2020, the domestic COVID-19 outbreak has brought many uncontrollable factors to the development of the project.

Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

Regulation discussion

Faced with all kinds of uncertainties and unexpected factors, we liberate our motivation to deal with it calmly, and fight all the way with super resistance to pressure. After the project is launched, there is no friction power and fuel consumption (FCMC) test cycle template in the test bench. The PEMS test of the whole vehicle lacks the template of the Euro VI-e report. At this time, if you seek the assistance of the equipment supplier to implement the test bench and the whole vehicle The equipment is capable of Euro VI-e testing, and it needs to re-run the approval process and sign the contract. The cycle needs at least 3 to 4 months. In order to meet the requirements of the project time node, all departments of Jiefang Power cooperated closely, certified to read regulations, deeply understood the content, through independent exploration and multiple tests, and finally completed the preparation of equipment program control and report template debugging on time, shortening the cycle and saving costs. For another example, because the vehicle PEMS test requires high road conditions, and the surrounding road conditions in Wuxi are complex, it is difficult to meet the test requirements. The project team inspected and tested multiple test roads, repeated the test site, and finally found a suitable test site in Huzhou, guaranteeing quality Complete the test.

Obtained Euro Ⅵ-e Emission Certification, Jiefang Power And Boosting Global Voice Of China Power

ALL-WIN CA6DM3 (13 liters) engine equipped with Jiefang J7 to carry out tests

During the certification test process, the witnessing engineer appointed by the approval agency participated in the whole process to supervise the certification process. For details of the test content, test process, etc., R&D engineers and witnessing engineers conduct in-depth discussions and do necessary explanations. The bench runs in a two-shift system, which greatly reduces the cycle of witness testing and provides a guarantee for the project to be completed on time.

Since this is the first time that Jiefang Power has involved the filling and submission of EU VI-e regulations, the project team members carefully checked the materials to prevent errors in the filling parameters that would affect the normal declaration of the EU VI-e certificate. It will be on time at the end of October 2021 Submit the final materials of the application. At this time, it coincided with the second round of the new crown epidemic in Europe. In order to prevent the project from falling out of schedule, the project team communicated with the EU declaration agency every week to follow up the progress of the declaration in time, and finally obtained the certificate and report on time, which provided China's motivation to enter Europe. The market gains valuable time.

Super brand tailored to local conditions

From "bringing in" to "going out", when internationalization has developed to the present level, "going out to sea" is no longer a short-term act of changing a place with a single shot, but requires long-term and systematic deep cultivation. At this time, Chinese brands can only have the right to speak in the world if they compete with international giants with a century-old history under the same rules of the game.

The market rewards the prophet, foresight, and forerunner the most generous. Jiefang Power took the lead in completing the CA6DM3-E6 Euro VI-e announcement application and obtained the announcement, which not only proves that it has consistent product development progress with European OEMs, but also means that Jiefang Heavy Diesel Engines have obtained the qualification to enter the European market. The subsequent international sales of complete vehicles lay a solid foundation.

The time has entered 2021, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" journey has begun. Looking back at the past "13th Five-Year Plan", Jiefang Power has achieved a 98% increase in sales and a 14-fold increase in profits. The total asset contribution rate, net asset profit rate, sales profit rate, cost and expense profit rate and other indicators reflecting the company's ability are stable. Ranked first in the industry. Adhering to the brand strategic goal of "becoming a'China's first, world-class' green, efficient and intelligent high-end power brand", Jiefang Motive follows the national "One Belt One Road" strategy, continues to expand its global footprint, accelerates its entry into the international mainstream market, and promotes China Bring the brand's global voice to new heights!