Aug. 20, 2022

Our company name is "FAWDE" and we have already met at the FAW Jiefang's National 6 product and power brand launch with the theme of "Leading the Blue Road, Powering the Future". Today, let's take a closer look at it again!

In 1943, FAWDE was born in the fertile ground of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wuxi, China. As the cradle of national industry and commerce, the Xichai spirit of daring to be pioneers and serving the nation through the industry has nurtured numerous high-quality enterprises here. For 76 years, the people of Xichai have been building national brands and high-end power with the passion to serve the nation through industry, and the scale of the enterprise has been growing and the influence of the brand has been increasing year by year.

In 2017, Dachai, with a history of 66 years, also joined our family, taking the Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW PLA Motor Co., Ltd as the main body, integrating DEUTZ FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co. We are working hand in hand, without distinction, for the future of FAW-Jiefang.

FAWDE" is based on the integration and upgrading of the two corporate brands of FAW Jiefang Xichai and FAW Jiefang Dachai, and is supported by the deeply integrated FAW Jiefang Engine Division, which includes the three FAWDE product brands of ALLWIN, POWERWIN and KINGWIN.


At present, FAWDE covers engine-related enterprises in Wuxi, Changchun and Dalian, and has two production bases, namely Xichai and Dachai, as well as the leading power technology institutes in China, such as the Foresight Technology Research Institute, with a technical team of over 1,200 people and nearly 1,000 technology patents. We have the ability to develop, manufacture and provide services for traditional internal combustion engines and new energy engines, making us the leader in China's internal combustion engine industry.

FAWDE is working on both the traditional diesel internal combustion engine and the new energy engine at the same time to create the "three best" engines, which are "the most fuel-efficient, the most environmentally friendly and the most reliable", and to maximize the value of the traditional diesel engine. We will also strengthen our research on new energy, pool global resources for our use, create green, efficient and intelligent power, and provide the industry and users with a complete set of engine power system solutions with leading advantages.

We will make big strides towardsThe FAWDE objective of a green, efficient and intelligent power assembly supplier of “No. 1 in China, First-class in the world”

FAWDE will not only continue to consolidate its position as a pioneer in the Chinese engine power market, but also become a first-class brand in the international market. With its leading technology, constant quality, core service and high-end brand, FAWDE will enter the high-end market in Europe and America, and gradually enhance the international influence and voice of Chinese power engine brands and Chinese commercial vehicle brands.

FAWDE implements the five major development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" and resolutely implements the emission upgrade policy to drive the core era and green the core future.

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