EURO III Vehicle Engine

CA6DK1 series diesel engine

The CA6DK1 series engine draws on European advanced design concepts, standardized production processes and high-end German quality, and adopts a number of modern internal combustion engine technological achievements such as unique DCR common rail, vertical arrangement of injectors in the middle, and in-cylinder braking, which is powerful, economical and economical. The indicators have reached the world advanced level.

6DK1 is suitable for 6x2, 8x4 cargo, 4x2, 8x4 dump; 4x2 tractor and car carrier.


The main technical parameters

Five characteristics of high possibility, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and high power are industry-leading

CA6DK1 series diesel engine

Rated power/speedPs/r/min260/2300280/2300310/2300320/2300
Max torque/speedN·m/rlmin1000/900-18001300/1200-15001180/1100-18001300/1200-1700
External Characteristics Minimum Fuel Consumption Rateg/kW·h190
Emission route
Overall Dimensions (length, width and height)mm1280×805×974
Engine mass (excluding aftertreatment)kg623

Hassle-free use

36 months unlimited mileage warranty. The service network is dense, the spare parts reserve is sufficient, and the average service radius is less than 30 kilometers.

Comfortable and worry-free

Chain drive, hydraulic tappet drive valve mechanism, lifetime maintenance-free, saving time and worry.

Economical and fuel-efficient

200bar high-pressure common rail system, excellent atomization, high-efficiency combustion technology, low-friction technology, small mechanical loss, uniform mixing, full combustion, and low fuel consumption.

Reliable and durable

The high molecular polymer bearing bush and the patented spiral honing cylinder liner are more wear-resistant.

The dual high pressure oil pump common rail system works independently, does not stop, and is more reliable.

Integrated gas drive SCR, extremely streamlined, no urea pump and no separate control unit, low failure rate, high attendance rate, and more profits.


The liter power and liter torque have reached the international level. The low-speed torque is 15% and 20% higher than domestic similar products, and the maximum torque covers 1100 1700r/min. It is easier to start and does not shift gears when going uphill.