Jiefang 465 drive axle product parameters
projectJiefang 465 drive axle
Maximum torque (Nm)38000
Rated load (kg)13000
Wheel base (mm)1878/1830
Spring distance (mm)1054/989/960
speed ratio2.688~5.571
Weight (kg)895 (middle bridge), 772 (rear bridge)
Brake specificationФ400X200, Ф410X220, 22.5-inch disk

Long service life - B10 service life of 1.5 million kilometers, 200,000 kilometers long oil change

International high-quality suppliers, imported bearings, oil seals, maintenance-free hub units

Increased rigidity of shafting support and optimized strength of structural parts

Integrated structural design, improved sealing

Parts cleanliness control technology, high-performance gear oil


High comfort —noise reduction 4dB(A), reaching domestic leading position

Using gear dry cutting technology to reduce tooth surface roughness

Gear machining center imported from Germany to ensure gear precision

Shell low radiation noise technology, imported high-precision bearings


High efficiency——efficiency increased by 2%, leading domestically

SKF low friction bearings

Shell High Efficiency Gear Oil

Low friction oil seal technology


Lightweight - weight reduction of 65kg, leading the world

High-strength material axle housing, highly integrated integrated reducer, lightweight hub

, strong bearing, light weight