457 axle product parameters
model 457 axle
Maximum torque (Nm)38000
Rated axle load (Kg)13000
Ratio range2.688~5.571
Brake specification (mm)Ф400X200/Ф410X220/22.5 inch disk
Wheel base (mm)1878/1830

Lightweight technology (more affordable)


Highly integrated reducer design

High-strength steel plate axle housing

Lightweight wheels and brakes


Transmission efficiency improvement technology (more fuel-efficient)

image.png image.png

Choose international high-quality suppliers;

Adopt bearing preload control technology;

Adopt shaft support rigidity improvement technology;

Using large tooth width gear design and parameter optimization technology;

Improve the sealing performance of the whole bridge;

Strength optimization design of structural parts.


Comfort technology (more comfortable)


Using gear contact area optimization technology

Adopt bearing low noise control technology

Adopt shell low radiation noise technology


100,000 km oil change technology (more worry-free )


Using component cleanliness control technology

Using gear oil cleaning control technology

Using high performance gear oil


Transmission efficiency improvement technology (more fuel-efficient)


Using SKF low friction bearings

Using Shell High Efficiency Gear Oil

Low friction oil seal technology

Machining with precision equipment to improve gear precision and tooth surface roughness