Our advantage

R & D

Top R&D capacity in the industry


All series of our products have passed the EU certification and are sold very well in more than 40 countries and areas globally.


We cooperate with international suppliers, e.g. Bosch, Mahler and Holset.


Flexible production, information integration, online inspection, and agile manufacturing; all our equipment achieves the international advanced level.


Have obtained the ISO TS16949 Quality Management System Certificate&ISO10012 Measurement Management System Certificate. The maximum warranty mileage of our products achieves 2 Mio km with zero overhaul.
  • Our hot products


    EconomicalHigh explosion pressure
    Lower fuel consumption
    ReliableEuro first class supplier
    Long B10 life
    60 years experience
    ComfortableAdopt Holland LMS vibration system
    NVH support optimization
    Lowest noise level
    PowerfulUp to 460hp
    Great torque at low speed
    SafeStandard engine braking technology with exhaust brake device
    OBD fault device for real-time fault alert
  • Our hot products

    Water pump engine

    ReliableStable performance
    ComfortableLow noise
    Low consumption
    High dependability
    PowerfulHigh power density
    SafeCompact construction
  • Our hot products


    EconomicalHigh speed, small size
    Light weight
    Easy to start
    Low fuel consumption
    ReliableHigh degree of component commonality
    Easy maintenance
    Advanced processing equipment
    Perfect quality assurance system
    Make the product more reliable
    ComfortableLow vibration
    Low noise and good comfort
    PowerfulPowerful acceleration
    Climbing relaxed
    Good power
    SafeAdvanced braking
    Steering system
    Providing a safer driving environment
  • Our hot products


    EconomicalFuel consumption ≤ 195g/kW·h
    ReliableB10 life is 800,000km
    ComfortableThe noise ≤ 95dB(A), has potential to low down.
    PowerfulNet power is 258kw
    Maximum torque reach 1500N.m
    Rotating speed 1300-1500rpm.
    SafeOptional engine brake and exhaust break, large braking power.
  • Our hot products


    EconomicalLow fuel consumption
    Good combustion efficiency
    Low cost per KVA
    ReliableMore Adaptability
    More than 10000h life time
    World famous parts suppliers
    ComfortableRunning smoothly
    Low noise
    Low vibration
    PowerfulLarge Torque
    Large performance per litre
    Good overload capacity
    SafeLow emissions
    Strong engine protection cover
  • Our hot products


    EconomicalVCU system
    Low fuel consumption
    Common railsystem
    Full combustion
    ReliableSilicone oil shock absorber
    Cast iron cylinder head
    500000 km B10 life
    ComfortableLow vibration and noise
    PowerfulBOSCH fuel system
    Powerful acceleration
    High injection pressure
    SafeAdvanced braking
    Precise calibration


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