What is the best natural gas engine

Mar. 22, 2022

the best natural gas engine

The system aims to encourage enterprises to develop corporate standards that are stricter than China's national and industry standards, and to increase the effective supply of medium- and high-end products and services by leading with high-level standards. It will play an important role in promoting the transformation of the old and new dynamics of the economy, the structural reform of the supply side and the cultivation of a number of leading enterprises with innovative capabilities. The evaluation of natural gas engines for automobiles is organised by the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. The index system includes three major parts: basic indicators, core indicators and innovative indicators, covering 20 key indicators such as OBD, percentage of full-load oil fuel consumption at rated speed, litre power and WHTC cycle carbon emissions.

best natural gas engine

best natural gas engine-CA6SM4

China's first natural gas engine enterprise standard "leader" list was officially released, the FAW Jiefang engine production

ALLWIN CA6SM4 National 6 engine won the title of "Pacesetter" of the enterprise standard.

As FAWDE's star natural gas product, the ALLWIN CA6SM4 National VI engine is at an advanced level in terms of core indicators such as rated thermal efficiency and maximum torque thermal efficiency, as well as innovative indicators such as WHTC cycle carbon emissions, lift power and lift torque, demonstrating the engine's excellent quality and FAWDE's absolute strength.

High horsepower, low gas consumption

Intelligent, high-precision, low-pump-loss gas exchange technology solves the problem of balancing high power, low gas consumption and detonation.

The common engine speed is reduced by 100-200r/min, the high-grade utilization rate is increased by 5-10%, and the gas consumption is lower than similar products by more than 2kg/100km, which can save the user an additional 15,000 RMB per year.

Long life of the after-treatment over one million kilometres

The first high-efficiency and highly ageing-resistant three-layer after-treatment coating formulation technology, intelligent misfire control model technology, after-treatment life of more than 1 million kilometres.

High reliability

2000 hours of bench durability, over 500,000km of actual road reliability test, over 10 million km of vehicle durability test, to meet the power requirements of low temperature, high humidity, plateau and other harsh environments and severe working conditions.