What is the best diesel engine?

Mar. 22, 2022

The frame is the flesh, the engine is the heart When you buy a car, the first thing to consider must be. 

So what engine is the best engine? Let FAWDE introduce to you!

Fuel efficiency

The price of diesel is rising, the fuel-saving device will take you out of the doldrums

Jiefang Power ALL-WIN CA6DM3

Combined with the patented distributed combustion chamber and high efficiency intake and exhaust system, it achieves the highest combustion efficiency in the world.

Lowest fuel consumption rate of 183g/kW-h in terms of external characteristics

Fuel saving of 2%-3% per 100km compared to the competition, which can reduce 30,000 RMB per year

The fuel efficiency is superb, it can earn and save money, and it understands what you want and wants.

What is the best diesel engine?


When you travel with a full load, power matching is especially crucial.

Jiefang Power ALL-WIN CA6DM3

National 6 13L golden power

480-600 super horsepower

Maximum torque up to 2820Nm

The car is unbeatable in starting and climbing, easy to drive with no pressure. 90% of the maximum torque is reached at 1000rpm.

What is the best diesel engine?


The long-distance driving is dangerous, and without TA, everything is lost. Safety

Jiefang Power ALL-WINCA6DM3

The new generation of independently developed independent rocker braking technology with asymmetric vortex boosting technology

Eliminates all kinds of risks and ensures the safety of people and vehicles

Braking power is 23% higher than that of competing vehicles, reaching a leading level in China


The most fearful of car maintenance is that the car will have problems and miss the work, and also harm the people and money, so what you are concerned about, there must be reliable

Jiefang Power ALL-WIN CA6DM3

The B10 engine has a life of 1.6 million kilometres and is the first in the world to be equipped with laser-welded steel pistons.

150,000 km long oil change for all core components from international high-end brands

Reduce the number of maintenance visits and save nearly 10,000 RMB in maintenance costs

What is the best diesel engine?

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