Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

Jun. 24, 2021

FAW Jiefang Engine Division Introduction

Fully undertake FAW Jiefang's overseas development strategy

Fully support FAW Jiefang's leading export industry

Comprehensively develop and expand overseas system capabilities

Strive to achieve a new breakthrough in export sales

As of 2021, FAWDE export sales exceeded 15,600 units, an increase of 56% year-on-year. Among them, the export sales volume of high-end ALL-WIN series products reached 1,600 units, a year-on-year increase of 383%, which set a new record high.

Improve system layout and enhance cooperation confidence

Since the beginning of this year, the business unit has continuously improved its overseas market layout around the "three comprehensive" strategy, and newly established three overseas offices in Mexico, Peru, and Ghana. So far, the number of countries that have established overseas presence offices has reached 14 countries, which has moved forward the demand for market development and service guarantee, and further shortened the time to respond to overseas customer needs.

Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

In the face of the still severe global epidemic, the business unit has formulated strict prevention and control measures and emergency plans to ensure the health of employees and the orderly progress of overseas marketing services. Technicians communicate with overseas agents and customers through live webcasts and other forms, carry out product knowledge and service skills training and win unanimous praise from overseas merchants.

Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

Overseas marketing personnel is always ready to go to the station as soon as the epidemic prevention policy permits and conditions are met, and work side by side with overseas businessmen to quickly solve market and service problems, and enhance customers' confidence in choosing FAWDE.

Insist on brand leadership and innovative publicity methods

The business unit is also guided by the brand leadership strategy, committed to brand internationalization, and innovated brand communication methods based on the actual situation of the epidemic, so as to enhance the influence and visibility of the FAWDE brand in overseas markets.

Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

On June 17, the FAWDE brand, as the only designated brand sponsor of the Indonesia International Power Exhibition, participated in the "Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency" online seminar to promote corporate brands and products through this new marketing model.

Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

In order to enhance the publicity effect, the business department also produced a special video, which was first broadcast during the seminar and promoted on international network platforms such as Google and Facebook. In the later period, the video will be used as an important publicity tool for large-scale overseas conferences, overseas corporate publicity, and network communication in the future.

Multiple breakthroughs in the market and an overall increase in sales

Relying on the good reputation of the FAW brand in the early stage and the unremitting efforts of the marketing and service personnel, good news in overseas markets has been spread frequently.


Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

Relying on the overall advantages of FAW trucks, sales in the traditional market have grown steadily. Export sales of ALL-WIN series products to Russia reached 534 units; the Middle East market also showed a recovery growth after the epidemic, with sales reaching 518 units.

Aiming at the High-end Market, Fawde is More "International"

The business department also actively carried out border trade market research, deeply understood customer needs, developed CA6DM2-42 engines suitable for heavy-duty traction for the Mongolian market, and won customer recognition through forwarding service spare parts reserve and dedicated linework docking, and won an order for 370 units. It laid a solid foundation for the transformation of overseas markets to high-end.