FAW Liberation Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Canton Fair

Oct. 20, 2023


The China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, was established in the spring of 1957 and is held twice a year in Guangzhou. The 134th edition of the Canton Fair took place as scheduled on October 15th this year, boasting a total exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters. With the theme of "Promoting High-Quality Development and Advancing High-Level Opening-Up," this edition set a new record in terms of exhibition scale.


FAW Liberation Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Canton Fair.png      FAW Liberation Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Canton Fair.png

The commercial vehicle exhibition area attracted a significant number of overseas buyers, with major manufacturers showcasing their export-oriented and high-end products. Key exhibitors included Liberation, Shaanxi Auto, FAW Jiefang, United Heavy Duty, and Dayun Auto. Liberation made its debut at the fair, featuring the J7 Tractor, which has the highest export sales in its category, and the 6DM3 National VI Emission Diesel Engine. The J7 Tractor is equipped with a 560PS 6DM3 engine and a smooth-shifting AMT gearbox. Shaanxi Auto displayed the Weichai 610PS X6000 6×4 Tractor, Weichai 350PS H3000S 4×2 Tractor, Weichai 350PS H3000S 8×4 Dump Truck, and the E9 New Energy Electric Light Truck Chassis. FAW Jiefang showcased the Weichai 430PS T7H 6×4 Tractor and the Weichai 400PS T7S 6×4 Dump Truck. United Heavy Duty presented the new generation Hazardous Materials C9 6×4 Tractor with a 510PS K1251-60 engine. Dayun Auto exhibited the Weichai 350PS V7 8×4 Dump Truck and the Cummins 560 V9 6×4 Tractor. The high-end J7 Tractor and the new generation 6DM3 National VI Diesel Engine from Liberation attracted buyers from around the world, including familiar faces from Russia, South Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan, as well as new acquaintances from Qatar, Yemen, Costa Rica, and more. Everyone expressed their recognition of Liberation's intelligent manufacturing capabilities for high-end products and expressed hopes of becoming agents or users of Liberation. In terms of engine sales, loyal users from Mozambique highly praised the quality of FAWDE engines, and they expressed their intention to continue purchasing FAWDE engines, even requesting on-the-spot purchases of service reserve engines. A new acquaintance from Costa Rica expressed interest in buying 20 FAWDE engines to replace the existing engines in their modern vehicles and has already forwarded relevant information to the responsible regional managers.


FAW Liberation Makes a Dazzling Appearance at the Canton Fair.png

In this fruitful season of October, FAW Liberation not only further promoted the overseas brand of Liberation through this exhibition but also facilitated the global recognition of Liberation's intelligent manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, the exhibition successfully addressed some of the after-sales service challenges in certain countries, achieving remarkable results in both sales and service.