FAW Celebrates 70 Years of Success and Innovation

Jul. 15, 2023

FAW Celebrates 70 Years of Success and Innovation

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As a firsthand witness, builder, and contributor to the rise of China's automotive industry, FAW has remained steadfast in the commitment to serve the nation through industry, carrying the  responsible for building an automotive powerhouse.


Whether we were establishing factories in untamed lands and achieving production within a mere three years, thus laying the foundation for China's automotive industry; or consecutively rolling out China's first Liberation-brand cargo vehicle, the first Dongfeng-brand sedan, and the first Hongqi-brand luxury sedan, effectively ending our nation's history of automotive manufacturing limitations; or constructing the nation's inaugural state-of-the-art automotive industrial base and successfully executing the first large-scale technological transformation in China's automotive history—FAW has meticulously paved the way, leaving behind a trail of remarkable milestones in China's automotive development.


Seventy years of triumphs and trials, seventy years of an unwavering pursuit of dreams.

FAW was born in a fervent era, where countless opportunities and industries awaited their time to shine. The era bestowed upon FAW the historic mission of constructing and fortifying China's automotive industry in the new age. Over the past 70 years, generation after generation of FAW employees have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves, with loyalty, wisdom, and perseverance, to the growth, innovation, and unwavering service of FAW, resulting in awe-inspiring accomplishments. To date, FAW has produced and sold over 55.77 million vehicles, with revenues nearing 8.3 trillion yuan and a total profit and tax exceeding 1.87 trillion yuan, and total assets surpassing 600 billion yuan. The brand value exceeds 420 billion yuan, while both the "Liberation" and "Hongqi" brands have crossed the 110 billion yuan mark, firmly securing positions as leaders in respective segments of the domestic automotive industry. FAW has matured into a state-owned, super large-scale automotive enterprise group, ranking among the world's top 100.


On the momentous occasion of the 70th anniversary,  FAW reaches another remarkable milestone—the production of group 55.77 millionth vehicle. This represents yet another defining moment in the brand's history, signifying FAW's transition to a larger-scale and more globally-focused phase of high-quality development, cementing its role as a crucial component within the modern industrial system supported by the tangible economy.


FAW has traversed a magnificent journey of relentless struggle, propelling a series of groundbreaking entrepreneurial and developmental endeavors, and attaining awe-inspiring achievements. Moreover, we have extended the influence of its independent brands to the global stage. With the incessant emergence of new technologies and the expanding horizons of market opportunities, China's automotive industry will continue to surge forward, ushering in more astonishing innovations and delights for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.


As we reflect upon the past, the seventy-year journey of struggle radiates with unparalleled glory. Looking toward the future, the potential of the automotive industry in this new era knows no bounds. Guided by the Party and the nation, FAW will persist in leading as a central enterprise, fearlessly assuming the role of a pioneer in constructing a modern automotive powerhouse with distinct Chinese characteristics. We will drive the high-quality development of the automotive industry, contribute to China's comprehensive modernization, and relentlessly strive to establish itself as a world-class automotive enterprise.

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