Advantages of Diesel Engines: Why Choose Them?

Dec. 30, 2022

Among car and truck enthusiasts, there is an ongoing debate about gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline engines have long been seen as superior to diesel engines because of their lighter weight, less noise and more consistent performance. However, is this really the case?

The advantages of diesel engines are actually beyond most people's imagination. Although diesel engines are mainly used in commercial vehicles such as trains, heavy trucks and agricultural equipment, they are gaining recognition in more and more fields.

FAWDE, as a leading diesel engine manufacturer in China, is always committed to share the industry knowledge with more people. Next, we will discuss the advantages of diesel engines.

How Does a Diesel Engine Work?

Diesel engines use compression ignition to ignite the fuel. Air is drawn into the engine and subjected to high compression, which heats it up, while the temperature inside the engine rises. At the peak temperature and pressure, the diesel fuel entering the engine then ignites, producing energy to power the vehicle.

In a diesel engine, air and fuel are injected into the engine at different stages, rather than introducing a mixture of air and vaporized fuel as in a gasoline engine. Diesel engines compress only air, so the compression ratio is higher, the fuel burns more fully, and the by-products of combustion are cleaner.

Advantages of Diesel Engines

Diesel Vehicle Engine1. Less Maintenance

Compared to gasoline engines, diesel engines have fewer moving parts thus having fewer possible parts to be worn and damaged. There are no spark plugs in a diesel engine and no distributor cap like a gasoline engine, which means they never need to be replaced or repaired. Diesel engines are inherently more powerful, more durable, and will last longer.

2. More Fuel Efficient

Diesel engines use a high-efficiency compression ignition system. Higher compression equates to higher temperatures inside the engine. Higher temperatures translate into greater energy output and less fuel consumption. So one of the advantages of diesel engines is that they require less fuel to do the same work as gasoline engines. Consuming less fuel also means less frequent trips to the gas station, thus saving time.

3. More Torque and Horsepower

Torque and horsepower are related; without torque, horsepower can't exist. Torque is the rotational force of the shaft that drives the work of the vehicle. Horsepower is to evaluate the power of the engine, that is, how much the engine can do. Diesel engines do both much better and last longer. This is why many heavy vehicles use diesel engines.

4. Lower Fuel Prices

Although diesel is slightly more expensive than gasoline, diesel has a higher energy density, meaning that it provides more power for the same volume. As a result, diesel engines can provide higher mileage, making them the best choice for heavy transport and equipment. Compared to gasoline, diesel is heavier, oilier, and has a higher boiling point than water. The benefits of diesel engines are greater efficiency and cost effectiveness

Applications & Uses for Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are commonly used as machinery engines, generators and mobile drives. They are used extensively in locomotives, construction equipment, automobiles and countless industrial applications. Industrial diesel engines are involved in industries such as construction, marine, mining, hospitals, forestry and agriculture to name a few, covering almost every aspect of our lives.

Today, diesel engines are also becoming more environmentally friendly. Gone are the dirty and smelly, smoky impressions that diesel engines used to give. Even on city roads, diesel engines and the latest low-sulfur diesel fuel can meet environmental standards. This also makes the application of diesel engines more and more widespread.

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