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Overseas Management Network

China Zhao 0086-0510-85014990-8356


Vietnam Office administrator Zhang 0084-845843998
Service manager Gao Dajun 0084-0836358021
Service manager Guo Zhigang 0084-0378993316
Service manager Ruan Guorong 0084-0915504109
Iran Office administrator Ji 0098-938-1626887
Service manager Xiao Xiangyang 0098-939-4667099
Pakistan Service manager Li Jianglong 0312-1606888
Chile Office administrator Bing 0056-56944252975
Indonesia Office administrator yang 0062- 081284253659
0062- 81291896760
0062- 081284257396
The Philippines Service manager Shi Junze 0063-9219403337
Russia Service manager Hu 0079-165463528
South Africa Office administrator Li 0027-0768546834
Service manager Tang Shandong 0027-0631828974

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Faw Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Works

98# Yongle East Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

+ 86 510 8501 4990 ext.8356

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