Different Types of Best Engine Generator for A Car Manufacturers

Different Types of Best Engine Generator for A Car Manufacturers

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Modern green Vehicle Engine has become the most realistic way to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, compared with the mainstream gasoline engine, it has excellent energy efficiency and power. Vehicle Engine combustion efficiency of up to 45%, while the gasoline engine combustion efficiency is only about 35%. In addition, the use of appropriate engine materials, by improving the quality of moving parts can also reduce the friction loss. Related parts and engines of the production enterprises need to use the new material selection and overall optimization of the design, to solve the problems may occur parts.


Small engine is a trend in the future development, has been a lot of vehicle companies generally attention. Small displacement of high-performance engine can not only reduce the use of carbon dioxide emissions, but also can reduce the carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. At present, the overall level of China's small-displacement engine and foreign gap is not great, China's small engine is mainly used in A0, A00-class passenger cars, is not for some of the income of ordinary consumers to use.


In addition, energy-saving emission reduction is undoubtedly the future direction of the development of automotive engines. China's internal combustion engine industry how to speed up the technical and environmental laws and regulations in line with the international standards of the process, how to achieve from the "big" to "strong" change, energy-saving emission reduction is an important way. Internal combustion engine industry innovation is the focus of energy-saving emission reduction, while energy-saving emission reduction is also a number of Chinese internal combustion engine business breakthroughs. People are also looking for new energy, can fundamentally achieve resource savings and zero emissions.


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