Social Responsibility

Adhering to the combination of profit creation and responsibility performance, FAWDE constantly strengthens enterprise’s awareness of social responsibility and enhances enterprise’s sense of social responsibility, earnestly carries out national laws and regulations, strictly implements local policies and guidelines, produces green products, and builds green environment. In the principle of “what is taken from the society is used in the society”, it has set up a patriotic and public-spirited enterprise image.


It has always been the tax accounting purpose of FAWDE to pay tax by credibility and according to law. In recent years, FAWDE and Wuxi have maintained good tax levy and payment relationship, and have carried out various business exchanges. FAWDE has ranked top in term of tax amount in Wuxi, with the total taxes and profits of RMB584.88 million in 2008, RMB697.25 million in 2009, RMB1.21288 billion in 2010, and RMB465.46 million in 2011, and with the total taxes and profits of FAWDE in the four year reaching nearly RMB3 billion. FAWDE has been granted the honor of National Class A Taxpayer for several times in the biennial tax-paying credit rating.


FAWDE deepens the campaign of establishing “Safe Enterprise”. Aiming to set up the concept of safe development, and reduce various accidents and cases, FAWDE has been honored the “Advanced Unit of Safety Production” by the People’s Government of Wuxi for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. In 2011, it was awarded the honor of “Honest Enterprise of Safety Production of Jiangsu Province in 2010” by Jiangsu Province for its outstanding performance. FAWDE has been recognized by Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City and has been highly affirmed by the State as well for its work in establishing “Safe Enterprise”. In 2008, in the assessment of “National Grade A Enterprise of Safety Quality Standardization” carried out by China Machinery Industry Association of Safety and Health, FAWDE was awarded National Grade A Enterprise of Safety Quality Standardization with a scoring rate of 96.101%.