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On the morning of April 18th, “There is no end to bravery in the world” J7 liberation off-line ceremony and the launch event  of the L4 series smart car were held in Qingdao.At the event site, the liberation seventh-generation truck J7 equipped with a 13-liter 550-hp CA6DM3 engine from the Liberation Engine Business Unit Xichai Aowei was presented in front of the audience in a time-and-space shuttle way, and completed a series of L4-level smart car video presentations and on-site. demonstration. The liberation of trucks, Aowei Power, once again demonstrated to the world the extraordinary strength of the national brand, and once again left a heavy stroke in the history of commercial vehicles in China.

Live up to expectations   Drive Pilot


Since the spy photos were revealed last year, the high figure of Liberation J7 and the strong power of Aowei have become familiar to many truck friends. On the same day, the long-awaited FAW liberates a new generation of heavy truck models - J7 was offline shockedly. The off-line ceremony was held simultaneously at the production base in Changchun and was broadcast live at the Qingdao conference. The video shows that a white deluxe J7 6×4 tractor with a 13-liter 550-horsepower Aowei engine was slowly pulled down from the production line with the crowd and applause of more than 400 employees, marking the J7 officially entering the mass production stage. 

The deluxe version of the offline J7 is the liberation of the seventh-generation world-class heavy truck, and it is also liberating and guiding the future of technology, into the intellectual age. We also clearly remember that in October 2017, the Liberation L3 smart truck equipped with the Aowei engine first realized intelligent driving in the expressway environment for domestic commercial vehicles. After a lapse of six months, the Liberation L4 smart truck equipped with the Aowei 550-horsepower engine demonstrated a series of actions such as automatic loading, driving, steering, parking and unloading in Qingdao Port.. Aowei helped Liberate J7 to realize intelligent upgrading again - to meet all road and environmental conditions, without the need for personal assistance, to achieve autonomous intelligent driving technology.

The king Aowei  Full of Spirit.

In 2003, China’s first self-developed heavy-duty diesel engine was born and its name was “Aowei”. In 2007, the first diesel engine which won the National Science and Technology Progress Award in the engine field came to the world. Its name was “Aowei”. In 2014, the first national brand diesel engine with over 2 million kilometers of overhaul in the desert environment was born, and its name was “Aowei”. In 2017, the first autonomous diesel engine, which created 1 million car sales marvels in 14 years, came on stage, its name was " Aowei. In 2017, the first diesel engine which completed the first unmanned intelligent driving demonstration in the history of commercial vehicles in China was unveiled. Its name was “Aowei”. Today, the first national brand diesel engine which completed its L4 level intelligent driving has once again completed its high-profile demonstration.

The “first” time and time again gave Aowei an extraordinary royal temperament. From J5 to J6, from the pilot version to the North Edition, South Edition and Highland Edition, etc. From the L3 to the L4, Aowei has been upgrading its trucks with the quality of its king for more than ten years, and continues to harvest outstanding market performance. . In 2017, domestic heavy truck sales reached 1.12 million units. Among them, FAW Liberation ranked the highest in the heavy truck championship with annual sales of 240,000 units and 22% market share. For every 5 heavy trucks sold, 1 will come from Liberation J6. The confidence comes from the king of the Aowei CA6DM series engine.

Leading technology escort J7

Nowadays, the newly upgraded product, J7 Glory, is offline. The 13-liter Aowei CA6DM3 550-horsepower engine will continue to provide strong power for the J7 with first-class technology and first-class quality, bringing more value experience for users; Stronger - Up to 44Ps/L, up to 208 N·m/L of torque; better power experience at low speed and high torque; more fuel efficient - Optimizing engine thermal management combined with lightweight, modular design, the lowest fuel consumption can reach 185g/kWh, and the fuel consumption level is leading internationally; more reliable - the joint development of high reliability sports parts with the world's top component suppliers, B10 life up to 1.5 million kilometers, leading the industry in quality indicators; more safer - - A new generation of independent rocker arm braking technology with 30% increase in braking power, effectively extending the service life of brake pads and tires; more intelligent - "Healthy Housekeeper" system, capable of accurately diagnosing engine failures, predicting working life and possible occurrences faults, formulating a reasonable engine maintenance plan to ensure the reliable operation of the engine; more comfortable - using a straight toothed drum gear drive system with all-floating cylinder head cover and other advanced design, to ensure that noise and vibration to meet international standards. The benchmark results with the international brand engine show that the performance of the Aowei CA6DM3 13-liter 550-horsepower engine has been in line with international standards. The structure and appearance of individual parts are even better.

The Aowei CA6DM 13 liter 550hp engine will continue to escort the J7 Glory Road with a fuel-efficient, reliable, and safe Kingundefineds quality.

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