News Report Of FAW Chile Market Truck Distributor MACO Company Customer Delegation

- Oct 17, 2018 -

A country's capital, the straight line distance of the earth is our China's Xi'an, is so far away from China, but we are so familiar with it, red wine, cherry, salmon and avocado have already entered our Chinese ordinary family, yes, it is the kingdom of the world, Chile! Chileans often say: "Good friends are just like the stars in the sky,  they are far apart but they shine with each other." It is more appropriate to use this sentence to describe the relationship between China and Chile. Chile is one of the farthest countries in the world from China, but it has been at the forefront of Latin American countries in developing relations with China.


From October 17th to October 20th, 2018, MACO, the general agent of FAW Chile market, organized a interview of FAW truck customers by flying to Wuxi and visited the FAW Jiefang Engine Business Division and the delegation received warm reception from our business department. During the three-day interview, the delegation visited the History Museum of our business department, the Huishan Heavy-duty Engine Manufacturing Base and etc. They learned about the factory history of our business unit during 75 years and witnessed how the engine was produced in a modern production plant and every member of the delegation was convinced.


After visiting the business department, in the first conference room of the marketing service department, the leaders of the overseas business department and the marketing service department conducted business exchanges with the delegation. The members of the delegation explained their understanding of the FAWDE engine, and NICOLAS, the business manager of FAW Truck, expressed that the FAWDE engine product has achieved a very good reputation in the Chilean market for its excellent performance and excellent quality. MACO also sells FAWDE engine products as a whole vehicle in the Chilean market to distinguish other Chinese brand commercial vehicles and achieved good results. In the future, MACO will continue to support FAWDE engine products, the leaders of the overseas business department said that the Chilean market is one of the important markets of our business department and we will pay more attention to the promotion of the FAWDE brand in the Chilean market and increase technical training and service support to create a core service brand.


After the meeting, the business department arranged the delegation to take a boat ride on the Xichai, and visited the ancient canals of Xicheng and Nanchang Street to experience the chinese culture. The delegation was deeply attracted by the historic ancient canal and the beautiful Nanchang Street ancient buildings, they can’t help but admire the beauty. In Wuxi, which has a history of more than 3,000 years, it has nurtured the FAWDE brand with 75 years history, the FAW Jiefang Engine Division chronically take a "national brand, high-end power" as its corporate mission, knowing that only the nation is the world!

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