- Jun 02, 2016 -

FAWDE exports six series of products to Vietnam, including W, X, K, F, L and M. The inventory of diesel engines is 27,000 sets, mainly focusing on W and X series. The L and M series heavy-duty diesel engines of international advanced level have entered the Vietnamese market in large volume. Our products in the Vietnamese market are mainly supplied to Truong Hai Company, Meihua Automobile Manufacturing, TMT Company, Dongfeng Changjiang, No. 23 Plant, No. 51 Plant, Yuezhong Company, Zhansheng Company and Chunjian Automobile, etc. and assembled on generator sets and vehicles of Jiefang and JAC. Products of FAWDE have been popularized throughout Vietnam.


Founded in 2008, the Vietnam Office of FAWDE has three permanent employees and one translator and is completely equipped with offices, equipment and business vehicles, etc.


Central spare part warehouse of FAWDE in Vietnam


The central spare part warehouse of FAWDE was built in Hanoi in 2012. At present, there are more than 500 types of common spare parts in the central warehouse, including not only wear parts of FAWDE engines within the warranty period but also special parts for a specific storage purpose. Therefore, FAWDE can ensure the supply of spare parts and make Vietnamese customers use FAWDE engines easily.


The central warehouse of FAWDE locates at the intersection between 1# Highway and 5# Highway of Vietnam, so its geological position is very convenient. Meanwhile, it is the most important logistics hub in Hanoi, which effectively guarantees the accurate and timely delivery of parts after our users buy them, shortens the delivery period, and improves the satisfaction of our users.


Service system of FAWDE in Vietnam


Since 2008, FAWDE has built 4 core service stations in Vietnam and some online service stations in connection with service systems of vehicle manufacturers. Furthermore, with the support of the FAWDE central warehouse, the service radius and repair time of FAWDE are largely reduced. At present, FAWDE Vietnam Office is trying to build more service stations to improve its service quality continuously.


With the constant renewal of diesel engine technologies, FAWDE spends a lot of money to organize training for technical staff of Vietnamese service stations and vehicle manufacturers in the headquarters of FAWDE for many times, so as to improve the expertise of maintenance personnel of Vietnamese service stations in time and lay a solid foundation for better service in the Vietnamese market.


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