- Jun 02, 2016 -

Market Operation in Vietnam
FAWDE exports 6 series of products, i.e. W\X\K\F\L\M to Vietnam. Our market holdings of diesel engines are 27,000, among which W\X are the main products on sale. L\M heavy diesel engines with international advanced technology are pouring into the Vietnam market at a large scale. Our major supporting units in Vietnam are many local large automobile enterprises, such as THAC, Meihua Motor Corporation, TMT, Dongfeng Changjiang Motor Corporation, No.21 Factory, No. 51 Factory, Sino-Vietnam Motor Cooperation, Victory Motor Corporation, Vinaxuki and so on. We also entered the market along with Jiefang and JAC vehicles and generators. Our products can be seen all over the country now. We established an office in Vietnam in 2008, equipping with 3 permanent workers and 1 translator. The working place, equipment and commercial vehicles there are well set.


FAWDE Parts Center in Vietnam
FAWDE Parts Center was established in Hanoi in 2012. The common reserve units of the center are more than 500, including quick-wear parts for all the FAWDE diesel engines within the period of warranty in the Vietnam market, and some other special purpose parts. The center aims to ensure parts supply for better satisfaction of Vietnam users.
Located near the crossing of No.1 and No.5 national highway of Vietnam, the center enjoys a very convenient transportation. It is also the most important logistics center of Hanoi. Therefore, the users’ order of parts can be delivered timely and accurately so as to enhance the degree of customer satisfaction.


FAWDE Service System in Vietnam
FAWDE has built up 4 core service stations in Vietnam since 2008, with which we made a joint effort with the service system of vehicle manufacturers to form several network service stations in Vietnam. With the support of FAWDE Parts Center, the service radius and repair period of FAWDE in Vietnam have been cut down greatly. The Vietnam Office of FAWDE is focusing on increasing both the quantity and quality of service stations.
With the constantly upgrading of technologies concerning the diesel engines, FAWDE has poured a large amount of money into the training of service technicians in the service stations and vehicle manufacturers in Vietnam, aiming to improving their skills for better service of Vietnam market.

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