- Jun 02, 2016 -

As the most developed country in Africa, and also one of the few Africa countries with an industry foundation, South Africa takes a major leadership in this region. Since it is an important strategic market for FAWDE, we built a modern truck assembly plant there, with a planned annual output of 5,000 trucks; in the meantime, South Africa has several set assembly plants of its own. In 2015, FAWDE sold more than 2,000 diesel engines in South Africa, among which more than 400 are heavy trucks, more than 1,600 are sets. We have established business relationship and cooperation with major partners of South Africa. In the vehicle market, we made every effort to fit with FAW products, including the high-end heavy truck J6 and main product on sale J5M. We are cooperating with enterprises of South Africa in various fields, such as the major generator set assembly plants, Newway and Voltex, the pumping unit assembly plants, Davron Equipment and Weigezi, and the dealer, Coppereagle. FAWDE has a sound service network in South Africa, with which more than 30 parts and service stations were established in the major towns of South Africa. Besides, we have a sales agent for non-road set parts through a proxy mode.

  • 4df Generating Set Engine
  • Bunker Grid-type Semi-trailer
  • Dump Semi-trailer
  • Cab Over Engine Truck 4x2
  • Cab Over Engine Truck 6x4 Heavy Load
  • Dry Van Semi Flatbed Trailer Truck for Sale

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