- Jun 02, 2016 -

Located in the Eurasian Continent, Russia has the largest territory in the world. With the biggest vehicle market, it is known as the benchmark for Eastern Europe. No doubt that it is also considered as an important strategic market for FAWDE. We now have branches in Russia, and a CKD factory is about to be built in the near future. As we have built up business relationship and cooperation with major partners in Russia, our market holdings are up to 20,000. At present, we mainly provide J6 high-end heavy trucks, which are 100% fitted with EUROPE IV products and have gained a wide praise of users. We have established cooperative relations with many major enterprises of Russia in various fields, such as PSM, Generatorvdom, LIONS GROUP, Spetstehkomplekt, and BMSTU. FAWDE has a sound service network in Russia, with which more than 40 parts and service stations were established in the major cities in Russia.

  • Automobile Engine
  • Ca6dld Series
  • Ca4dl Series
  • Engine Combustion
  • 6dl1 Series
  • Price of Auto Best Engine Replacement Service

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