- Jun 15, 2018 -


On the 8th of this month, the four-day exhibition of the 18th Russian Construction and Construction Machinery (CTT) was officially closed at the Crocus International Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia. The Russian Construction and Construction Machinery Exhibition is the largest exhibition and  oldest professional exhibition of construction and construction machinery in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern European CIS region. This exhibition attracted nearly 600 exhibitors from Chinese, Russian, German, Italian  Finnish and other 60 countries. Participating in this exhibition will play an important role in improving the reputation of  FAWDE brand in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.


The exhibition focused on KAMAZ, Bosch, Bonfiglioli, Walvoil and other international famous brands. During the exhibition, FAWDE, as a well-known Chinese heavy truck brand, re-exhibited. The Aowei 6SM2-37E5 engine shined throughout the whole show. At the same time, the FAWDE brand stand-alone 6DF2-17D equipped with the machine also took the opportunity to help the FAWDE booth.

At this exhibition, FAWDE invited major customers from Yekaterinburg, Far East and other regions to come and visit. With the help of the booth's on-site effects, it also attracted potential customers from some markets to come and discuss. During the reception process, customers praised Xicui Aowei Engine and expressed that engine has high reliability in actual use and superior product performance. In addition, the old customers brought new customers at the same time, and clients also reached a consensus  on cooperation, it  iced on the show for this exhibition. During the exhibition, staffs  introduced the FAWDE brand culture and products to the visiting customers all the time. Through the promotion of the full range of products such as trucks, units, and supermarket’s advantages of FAWDE brand culture, the customer deepened their understanding of the FAWDE brand. At the same time, in the process of market development, the office actively integrated into the local Chinese capital business circle, cooperated with the agent to regularly visit terminal customers, and regularly carried out all kinds of FAWDE product skill training activities, all of these  confirmed the recognition of the FAWDE brand culture of  agents and customers.


FAWDE participated in the Russian CTT exhibition continuously and showed a strong interest in the Russian market. In particular, the leading products of the FAWDE Aowei series have rapidly entered the Russian market in recent years, which has been highly valued by users and further strengthened FAWDE’s entry into the Russian market. Through the effective window of the exhibition, an easy and convenient channel was opened for FAWDE to communicate with the world, and at the same time, it strengthened FAWDE’s confidence in taking root and creating more flowers in Russia.

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