Technology leadership. Independent and self-improvement

- Apr 12, 2018 -

The core of the quality revolution is to rely on technological progress.

The state-owned enterprise with 75-year-old history clearly understood the principle.From the beginning of the factory to the present , the state-owned enterprise not only has pursued the continuous improvement of engine technology,But also has been deeply rooted in the core of “autonomous technology”as the national flag and never wavered.

Since 2001 the company has developed the Aowei 7.7 liters,successively developed the Aowei 9 liters, 11 liters, 7.7 liters, 13 liters,16 liters independently.The products always keep the domestic leading level,And set up many industrial miracles —take the lead in the country to realize the engine 100,000km long oil change technology,Take the lead in increasing the engine B10 life to 1.5 million km,take the lead in implementing DPF technology on light duty engine……Now, Aowei 11L engine has maintained more than 60% market share for five years,the sales are the NO.1 in the industry.Aowei 13L big horsepower engine goes on sale for a year,sales quickly topped 20,000 units.Aowei 4DW engine become the only DPF light duty engine that can achieve mass production in china……

Why can the business division stand out and stand up for independent brand backbone, and continuously create “domestic leading,international leading”engine products?In media interviews, the deputy general manager of the business division department huang chenghai unlocked the secrets.He said,“First of one is to put into lots of research and development.eleven platforms have put into 500 million for the diesel engine of the business division merely. At the same time,more than ninety development platforms in the laboratory (twenty reach the European six standard), the investment of a gantry is 30 million. With regard to the input of technical personnel, a research and development team consisting of more than 1,160 people has been formed, including 35 doctors, and the team is the strongest in the country. Followed by a sound R & D system and processes, R & D system covers the entire industry chain, development process of the product reached 30,000 hours. Finally, the advantages of product technology and the use of independent electronic control system in some parts and components create a part with independent intellectual property rights, such as independent rocker system, etc..

Now, in the face of environmental pressure, how to fulfill the quality revolution in china’s automobile industry? The automobile industry representatives are focusing on new energy technologies, it also has become the principal focus of the 3.15 media interviews. The secretary of the party committee of the business division,general manager qian hengrong explained the insights on the development of new energy in terms of  the history, current and future development ,“in the new energy field,we are aslo doing some work,like the natural gas engine, at the same time,we’re also doing research on fuel battery technology, it has the same endurance mileage as conventional fuel car from the perspective of environmental protection. We are developing a zero-pollution engine ……I believe we can deal with the challenges of electric cars and new energy vehicles.”

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