Enterprise Culture

After seven decades of historical accumulation and innovation and development, FAWDE has formed a complete enterprise culture system consisting of ideational culture, ideational culture deduction, behavior culture and environmental culture.


Ideational culture is composed of six aspects, i.e., enterprise core values, enterprise mission, enterprise vision, enterprise value, enterprise philosophy, and style of work;


Ideational culture deduction involves ten aspects, i.e., management, marketing, R&D, quality, manufacturing, procurement, service, safety and environmental protection, honesty and innovation; 

Behavior culture specifically stipulates codes of conduct in 16 aspects, i.e., polite language, social introduction, out-field environment, traffic safety, civilized dining, operation site, civilized office work, instructive factory motto, working relationship, phone etiquette, asking for instruction & reporting work, working conference, staff study, flag-raising ceremony, daily reception, and visit etiquette;


Environmental culture is mainly reflected in two aspects, i.e., standardization management and green factory of FAWDE.